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Support us and become part of the Club of 100


Support us and become a member of Club of 100
Your gift makes it possible to organise the activities of Mission 4 Unity
With your prayers and financial contributions we can show God's love and grace to people who do not know Him.
And to proclaim the Unity in the Body of Jesus Christ proclaim where it's necessary.

Become today  member of the Mission 4 Unity Club 100 for just only 25 euros per month  
with 25 euro per month your make it possible that we can give our vocation for the Unity hands and feets.
As a member of the club of 100 receive a discount when you sign up for a conference our a retreat.
you receive a summary financial one per year.


''Foundation Mission 4 Unity is a Charity we have tax deductible status.

 European citizens can deduct donation to us in their own country"

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We call every christian up to pray for  Unity amoung  all christians. Not only in the church but also for the unity in the christian familys. We are all ambasadors of  Christ in this world. Therefor its important to let the world know that we are all together the body of Christ.


Rv.Roger & Maud Maatje-Fortin.

Founders Mission 4 Unity International

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