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Angeline Sarhone ( Sarhone A.) is the founder and leader of divine heart in Cameroon.

Divine Heart is a group of students who have the vision to bring the message of the father heart of God and the Unity in the body of Christ in their country and in the rest of the world.


The members of Divine Heart have different church backgrounds: catholic, evangelical, Protestant, Anglican. Divine Heart leading worship during evangelism campaignes and church service and giving concerts.


Divine Heart is a corporation, a form of  trust, foundation / Association who is registered in Cameroon. We are  as Mission in Unity happy to welcome them as part of our worldwide family.


Divine Heart have the same vision & mission as Mission for Unity International . Thats why  we are happy to work with them together. Divine Heart wil be our represetative in Cameroon.


Angeline Sarhone will also oversee the future projects and prayer groups.

With Divine Heart we as Mission for Unity have found our local partner in Harvest.



Divine Heart -Cameroon

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