Ecumenical & Interdenomitional Movement for the Christian Unity


Mission for Unity International

Eucumenical & Interdenomiational movement for the Christian Unity



 The vocation of Unity start on Easter.


Mission 4 Unity celebraite with easter here birthday. Its was With Thursday night that Jesus celbraite with his disciples the Pasover meal and institueted the Holy Communion and its was that night that Jesus after the Pasover meal that He start to pray for the Unity . We celebraite this Passah meal like the Jewish do and with connected this Passah with the intitution of the Holy Communion, we take time to pray with each other and we

wash each others hands our feeds. We read John 17 ''The Jesus Prayer'' and Pray for the Unity 


Its was Easter 2012 when Mission 4 Unity held here first pessah meal.

we like to share the story behind the birth of  Mission 4 Unity by the story of one of our founders

Pastor Roger Maatje-Fortin. 


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Jacques Grubben

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Roger & Maud

Your support make it posible for us to:


Help in Pakistan Christian Orphans to go to School. 


To support to local churches in Pakistan. 


To be a bridge between Churches in Latvia and the activities of the House of Unity in Riga.


Help us to equip and support with seminars,conferences,retreats.


To proclaime the goodnews of our Lord Jesus and re-united the body of Christ word wide.




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Rv.Roger & Maud Maatje-Fortin. Founders 

Rv.Jaques Grubben. House of Unity -Riga

Bernard & Claire Dhil. Board members

Mission 4 Unity France

Bas Wigard.


Mission 4 Unity International

Rv.Stefan Schrevers

House of Unity-Riga


Carl Koch.

Board member Mission4Unity international.


 Sanda Robina.

 Translator &  PA 

Mission 4 Unity International