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House of unity in Riga stimulates exchange of Christians in Europa. 
Share real life, not as tourist, but as insider. Go into the mysteries of faith, into reality of history, into different worlds of church cultures. This house is founded on the hospitality and inspiration of Latvian               youngsters and by two Dutch priests Stefan Schevers and Jacques Grubben. 

As Mission 4 Unity are connect with House of Unity in Riga. We not only suport House of Unity we are also part of House of Unity. Mission 4 Unity and  House of Unity have the same Vocation for the Unity. The founders of House of Unity and Mission 4 Unity are close friends have the same vision for the Unity.                             House of Unity in Riga have his own foundation conform the latvian law. As Mission 4 Unity International we fundraise for the House of Unity.  Together we buiding bridges between Christians and between Churches and sharing the Goodnews with the Latvian people. 





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