Mission for Unity International

Ecumenical & Interdenomitional Movement for the Christian Unity


Eucumenical & Interdenominational movement for the Christian Unity



Mission 4 Unity International


 Invite us!


Do you looking for a speaker for your church, conference, youth group 

Some of our team members are available for leading a seminar our speaking our both.

For English/Dutch speaking events: RV.Roger Maatje-Fortin ( available regular) "  Roger is available also  for France Church service, in that case, he like to have a translator  ( He speaks french but for preaching he prefer in English) "

French / English speaking events: RV.Roger & Maud-Fortin ( as couple only 3 times per year) 

French speaking events no translation: Deacon Bernard Dihl ( available regular)

French speaking and English speaking with translation English to french and French to English

Bernard Dihl (French to English) together with RV. Roger Maatje-Fortin ( English to French)

Latvia, Lithonia, Estonia.


RV .Roger is available for the Baltic countries ( 3 times per year available for the Baltic countries)

He will be translated by one of our own team members Sanda Robina ( Latvia, Russian)


 In the case if we have to stay over: we don't ask a luxury place to stay, we prefer host family we love to meet the local people



" we ask to give an offering for the travelling cost, our a donation to travel "


















Itinerary events

where you can find us.


27/12/2016 till 01/01/2017 : Riga-Lavtia

House of Unity / Taize europian meeting.


17 April 2017 : Camaret sur Aigues.

 Seder Pessah Lunch. (click here for registration)


21 May 2017 : Orange .

W.E.S.P House Meeting

( More about W;E.S.P )


 16 June 2017: Orange 

W.E.S.P House Meeting

More about W;E.S.P )


7-12 July 2017 Rvd. Roger Maatje-Fortin


(Avilible for preaching in Local church sunday 9 July


29 of July 2018  Argules sur Mer

Tourist church service for Dutch speaking people. Rvd.Roger Maatje-Fortin.


19 July 2018 Argules sur Mer.

Tourist church service for Dutch speaking people. Rvd.Roger Maatje-Fortin.