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Little Hope.


Little Hope helps Christian children who do not otherwise have an opportunity to grow up in a loving family.  Little Hope gives support to Christian widows to eventually be able to support themselves. 

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:  to look after orphans and widows in their distress......"   James 1:27

"Let the Little Children come unto Me..."

Christian children in Pakistan are all too often victims of kidnapping and slavery.  Therefore, they need the love and protection of a family who will care for them and nurture them.

Little hope makes a difference.

Not an Orphanage but a real family.

Not an institution for orphans, but a real family home! Sabah and Bashir have opened their hearts and their home to Christian children who have either lost their parents, or whose parents can no longer care for them. They open their arms to the love of Our Father and welcome these kids as if they were their very own children.


Being a widow and Christian

 Just because a woman is a Christian and has children does not mean they are safe. Pakistan is a predominantly Islamic country,  and therefore Islamic law allows Muslim men to oppress women and force them to marry into Islam.

 Therefore, Little Hope helps the Widow! 

We can help keep them safe, educate them, and show them how to become as self-supportive as possible.

It is our hope that these women, with the proper training, can someday be able to be in business to make clothing and sell it on our website.




Your help makes a big difference to the widows and orphans in Lahore!


Christian children and widows in Lahore.

  • Your help makes it possible for the kids to obtain the books and other school materials so they can get a good education.


  • Your help gets the kids proper clothing, shoes, and hygiene goods!


  • Your help aids in keeping the windows protected and aids them towards becoming self-supported!

Your Support can make a difference!

Your gift of just 10 euros per month will give these precious women and children the chance to build a new life.

We can provide Sabah and Bashir with the room to care not just for their own family, but also for children who need a good, solid, Christ-centered family.

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