Mission for Unity - Mauritius


Mission for Unity International Is looking for a director who likes to become responsible for the new base in Mauritius and help us with the creation of the association that will become the representative of Mission for Unity International in Mauritius.



Country Info

Population 1,266,000 (est. 2018)

Ethnic groups, languages, and religion
Approximately two-thirds of the population is of Indo-Pakistani origin, most of whom are descendants of indentured labourers brought to work in the sugar industry during the 19th and early 20th centuries. About one-fourth of the population is Creole (of mixed French and African descent), and there are small numbers of people of Chinese and Franco-Mauritian descent.

Religious affiliation varies:

about half of the population is Hindu, about one third are Christian (the majority of whom are Roman Catholic), and with the exception of a small group of Buddhists, the majority of the remainder are Muslims.