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Mission pour l'unité en Inde




                             Atteindre la nation pour Jésus

         Construire des ponts entre les chrétiens d'églises différentes

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Shazia Sabir-Naveed


Mission for Unity-Finland

 Mission for Unity -Finland is currently a department

Of Mission for Unity International.


 We hope in2022  to register the department in Finland as:

 Mission for Unity-Finland.


 Shazia Sabir-Naveed is our new director in Finland.


 Our vision for Finland: However, the mean population is Christian,

A lot of people don't  share openly the gospel.        

We like to equip a team of local people of different church denominations

to have:


• Mutual fellowship among Churches 
• Coffee fellowship 
• Friendship evangelism 
• Worship in different languages 
• Women fellowship through activities


We like to start fellowship groups where Christians of a different church background can come together to praise and worship, pray and eat together.


And to open a House of Unity where youth of different churches can meet each other, pray and eat together, and have bible study together. The house of unity will be also a place for training and seminars.

for church leaders. 

And a place where people walk in for a coffee and eat a little snack or need just a person who listen our need help.


  For future 
•Equipping local pastors and Social workers 
• Youth fellowship



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