Pray for Us


Church in Lahore

Help us to give food, clothes, bibles and sunday school matirial and support the poor and the needy people.



Prayer Network

We ask you to pray with us to enlage the network of prayer groups in Lahore and other parts of Pakistan.


Christian School

A Christian school in Lahore needs your help for building rent and school supplies, teacher;s pay and students lunches. 

Steun Ons !

With your support, we can show our love to our fellow Christians and help spread the Good News in Pakistan

Mission for Unity -France

Association 1901/1907 object mix

Registered in France  ° W842003855

Prefecture of the Tarn et Garone.


Mission for Unity -India

Trust incorporation.

Pan card AAHTM7557M

Andhra Pradesh.

Religious Charity

Organization of Public Interest