Team Mission 4 Unity

Roger & Maud

Rv.Roger Maatje.

Voorzitter en oprichter. 

Mission 4 Unity France

Mission 4 Unity International.


Maud Maatje-Fortin.

Secretaris Generaal

Mission 4 Unity France

Supervisor -projecten. mede-oprichter

Mission 4 Unity International.

Maud Maatje
General Secretary/Founder
Mission pour l'Unité - France
Project Manager
Mission for Unity International

Ev.Aminata Graciée

Board member Mission for pour l'Unité - France

Area Director Ile de France.

Director Evangelism & Prayer Groups

Bernard Dhil  

Deacon diocese of Nice 

Treasurer/Area Director 

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur 

Mission pour l'Unité - France

Mission for Unity International

Claire Dhil


Mission for pour l'Unité - France 

Bischop Richard Snyder

International Anglican Orthodox 

Episcopal Communion

Board member Mission pour l'Unité - France

Area Director Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Co-Fouder Koinonia Community International

Mission for Unity -France

Association 1901/1907 object mix

Registered in France  ° W842003855

Prefecture of the Tarn et Garone.


Mission for Unity -India

Trust incorporation.

Pan card AAHTM7557M

Andhra Pradesh.

Religious Charity

Organization of Public Interest