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Are you looking for a speaker for your church, conference, youth group.

Some of our team members are available for leading a seminar or speaking, or both; onsite or online.

Possibe subjects:

  • Unity in the church
  • Healing
  • Deliverance
  • Evangelism Training
  • Bible Teaching Training
  • Bible Study Camps



For English/Dutch speaking events: Rev. Fr. Roger Maatje



Roger is also available for church services/conferences in France. In such a case scenario, he likes to have a translator  (speaks French but for preaching, prefers English)

French / English speaking events: Rev. Fr. Roger & Maud Maatje (as a couple only 3 times per year) 

French-speaking events - no translation: Deacon Bernard Dihl (available regular)

French-speaking and English-speaking events with translation (English to French and French to English): Bernard Dihl (French to English) together with Rev. Fr. Roger Maatje ( English to French)


Latvia, Lithonia, Estonia

Rev. Fr. Roger is available for the Baltic countries (3 times per year available for the Baltic countries)

He will be translated by one of our own team members Sanda Robina (Latvian, Russian)


In case we have to stay over, we do not ask for a fancy place to stay, we prefer staying with a host family. We love to meet the local people!


" we only ask that you give an offering for the traveling cost, or a donation to travel "




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