what we do

We call every Christian up to pray for Unity among all Christians. Not only in the church, but also for the unity in the Christian families. We are all ambassadors of Christ in this world. Therefore, it is important to let the world know that we are all together the body of Christ.


REV. Fr. Roger Maatje & Pastor Maud Maatje

Founders Mission for Unity International



About Us


Mission 4 Unity is a movement for the Christian Unity. 

We are an ecumenical and interdenominational charity foundation

created in the Netherlands and in operation all around Europe

and in the rest of the world.


Whose purpose is to equip the Body of Jesus Christ

through spiritual maturity.


whose purpose is to equip the Body of Jesus Christ

through spiritual maturity,

and in ministry and servant-leadership,

to encourage reconciliation and restoration of spiritual unity

among all believers and churches.


We are Christians of various church backgrounds: Anglican, Catholic,

Evangelical, Protestant, Orthodox, etc....


We are not associated with any specific church or denomination

but seek to be servants to the whole Body of Christ.

And to all who declare they are disciples of Jesus Christ

or desire to become one.


We call for spiritual unity among Christians worldwide

and calling upon them

to worship God and not to limit the Holy Spirit but

allow Him do His work in freedom.


We believe that the Holy Spirit longs for unity and restoration

within the Body of Christ worldwide.



We want to promote and respect unity and diversity within the body

so that God can accomplish His purpose.


We cannot build spiritual unity without recognizing

that the Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters

are a full part of the body of Christ.

Jesus is Lord of Jew AND Greek.

We truly like to serve the body of Christ, the Church.