International Team

Roger & Maud

Rev. Fr. Roger Maatje.

Founder, President :Mission pour l'Unité - France.

Founder, President /CEO :

Mission for Unity International.

Founder/prior Koinonia Community International


Maud Maatje 

Founder, General Secretary

Mission pour l'Unité - France

Founder, Supervisor Projects

Mission for Unity International

Founder  Koinonia Community International.

Bas Wigard

Teacher & Pastoral counselor

Secretary & second Treasurer

Mission for Unity International

Bernard Dhil  

Deacon diocese of Nice 

Treasurer/Area Director 

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur 

Mission pour l'Unité - France

Mission for Unity International

Carl Koch

Board member & Responsible for Ecumenical contacts Mission for Unity International

Paula Leitner

Missionary of  Reconciliation / Restoration.

Between Jew and Gentiles. Intercessor/Worship leader.



Nancy Younas

International Ministry Director

Board Member

Mission for Unity International

(Joy) Tamseel Maatje -Asif
Mission for Unity Pakistan

Claire Dhil


Mission for pour l'Unité - France 

Bischop Richard Snyder

Board member Mission pour l'Unité - France

Area Director Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes & Co Founder of The koinonia Community International

Jacques Grubben

Fr. Jaques Grubben

Priest in the Netherlands

Founder House of Unity-Riga

Board of Advisors

Mission for Unity International

Fr. Stefan Schrevers

Priest in the Netherlands

Founder House of Unity-Riga 

Board of Advisors

Mission for Unity International