Ecumenical & Interdenomitional Movement for the Christian Unity


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Because of your gifts for Mission 4 Unity International is able to organise their activity's.  
With the help of YOUR prayer and financial support, we will strive to show the love of God to all people
and proclaim unity in The Body of Christ to all people everywhere.

Mission 4 Unity International Foundation has the official status 'ANBI' recognised by the Dutch tax authorities.
This means that the foundation is officially recognised as a charity.
The reduction or tax credit is granted in respect of donations made by individuals if you live in the European Union.


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       Stichting Mission 4 Unity International
                 ING Bank Eindhoven
IBAN: NL06 INGB 0006 516 275 



We call every christian up to pray for  Unity amoung  all christians. Not only in the church but also for the unity in the christian familys. We are all ambasadors of  Christ in this world. Therefor its important to let the world know that we are all together the body of Christ.


Rv.Roger & Maud Maatje-Fortin.

Founders Mission 4 Unity International