“Roger and Maud are servants of the highest calibre as they love and give unselfishly to those around them bringing the light and life of Jesus to France and the rest of the World. I trust these people. They are of sound Christian character and practice and I highly recommend them. I want to encourage you to support and partner with the ministry of Mission for Unity International and Mission pour l'Unité - France. John and I are. We believe in what you are doing. It deserves mission status, for there is not a part of this world where there are missionaries that are more faithfully penetrating the darkness than where the Maatje-Fortin’s are.”

As Bishop of the Ecumenical Orthodox Catholic Church worldwide, we hereby recommend and commend Mission 4 Unity International, as a strong ministry with one goal: To unite all the Children of God into one and live as brothers and sisters. Christ is the centre of our unity. Thank you!