Mission for Unity - Lahore


We are a direct branch of Mission for Unity International.

Mission for Unity - Pakistan builds bridges between the various Christian churches and ministries in Pakistan. Our headquarters are located in Lahore.

Pakistan gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1948.


1,6 % of the population is Christian


Most Christians live in the Punjab region.  Christians are targets for murder, bombings, abduction of women, rape, forced marriages and eviction from home and country. Unjust and arbitrary blasphemy laws are used to punish Christians and prevent evangelism.



Mission for Unity supports the local church, we have regular Skype and WhatsApp contact with different churches and Roger and Maud preach online in one of the connected churches on a regular basis.


Prayer Network and Prayer Group

Recently started a prayer group and prayer network in Lahore Pakistan. This prayer network will connect churches together and encourage them to start a prayer group in their own area to pray for the Unity among all Christians in Pakistan and pray for their country and prayer for open doors to evangelism and proclaiming the Gospel to people.


Women Ministry

Every Wednesday 20 young woman come together to praise and worship God. The group have started 4 years ago with 4 young women and have grown out to a youth group, Noreen Younus leads the group.


Christian School

Let's pull our resources together and sponsor a christian school in Lahore. Click here for more details.