Ecumenical & Interdenomitional Movement for the Christian Unity


Mission for Unity International


We want to help fellow Christians in their spiritual and natural development.
To support consider their desire to serve the body of Christ.

We believe that a good and solid biblical teaching it is essential. That is why we are going to start a school of Unity

Who can follow this training school?

The age of the training school student is between 18 and 50+ years. We don’t look primarily to the age of the candidate, it’s more important for us that he or she mentally and emotionally

and physically able to follow the school.

The training school is inter-denominationally, which means that we are not looking at the colour or religious background, but rather look to the personal relationship that the student has with God.

Mission 4 Unity wants to train their students on a way that they are preparing for a leadership position in the kingdom of God.

We hope that they will serve the body of Christ as bridge builders for the unity between churches and Christians worldwide.


School for Unity

The School for Unity just help you with your vocation question and you at the same time provide the knowledge and experience that allows you to really build your relationship with God the Father. Which can clearly be helped to discover your vocation and advised how to provide the best hands and feet.

 That is why we find it so important to get your education is broader than your own church denomination. You're going to criticize the other students, they have diverse backgrounds Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Pentecostal, charismatic. But the staff of the school; teachers, guest speakers, but also everyday staff and employees. We will offer a program which basically going to take two years. You can choose to do a year, thus you have a good basic education where it can surely others can really be a blessing, as ever in your church/congregation and beyond. But you want more and want to possibly be transmitted for example through us or move as an executive you will have to follow the full course. The course will study eight months a year, from September to April with two weeks’ vacation in December.

The classes will be taught in English and French with translation. In July and August, we go on a mission. That means an internship, but also a short-term mission's trip. During this period will also find evaluation and we look together at your options. Preliminary education program!

Base year Introduction Systematic Theology: Christology (Jesus), Missiology, Christian ethics, church history, Pneumatology (the Holy Spirit), God (Trinity), Apologetics, Homiletics. Formation: Father Heart School A Prayer's ministry, coaching praise & worship, Called for Unity "John17" (a week of training and practice) two weeks mission abroad.

There is an ability to follow a second-year program you will have lessons like Introduction Old Testament and New Testament, Modern Church History, Pastoral Counselling, Small and Large Prophets, Christian philosophy, didactics ecclesiology, liturgy. Formation: Father Heart School B, The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius (week of discernment of your vocation and personal reflection in silence with personal assistance)

Additional Option: Learn English / French Monday to Friday Classes are from Monday to Friday, have the weekend free.

Regularly there will be speakers who not only teach at the school but also to interested outside the program.

We organize conferences and seminars. It may be that we ask you are asked to help with this, but it is voluntary.

Costs The cost of the training will be internally annual 6,000 euros and includes: tuition, materials, location, food, drinks, administration and personnel.

 It is possible to pay monthly or quarterly.


Week & weekend training school

Next to is we offer a training program for those who are not able to follow an intern program. 

There are weeks and weekends during the year that we offer like a week for our weekend school.

Each school week our weekend has his own registration and cost but after the week or weekend, you receive a certificate..

You receive your diploma after you have cumulated all the certificates that are necessary to get the diploma.