Leaders' Program



We want to help mature Christians lead their church/organization in a more efficient way for the Kingdom. We desire to help them build a strong team and encourage a high level of excellence in all they do for our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to help them build a strong strategic plan for their orgranization to ensure perennity and fruitfulness for the Kingdom.


Mission Statement

We will bring a professional leadership training, that equips our Christian leaders with tools to increase efficiency, attain good moral among the teams, and faithfully serve our Lord with wisdom and excellence.


Who Should Attend

Only mature Christians in leadership positions in their organization may consider attending this program. An interview will be conducted to ensure the right fit.
As for all M4U training, the Leaders Program is interdenominational, which means that we are not looking at the colour or religious background, but rather look at the personal relationship that the student has with God.



  • Define the vision for your church/organization / Who does the Lord say you are?

  • Build the right team / Empower your team

  • Manage projects / Organise events / Communicate efficiently / Steward budgets

  • Think Strategically / Define long-term goals / Create a succession plan


All content is geared towards maintaining a strong relationship with God the Father, at all levels in the hierarchy of the organization. The ultimate deliverable is a 5-year strategic plan.



Our teachers and guest speakers are mature Christian leaders. They also have diverse backgrounds to enable an atmosphere of freedom and interdenominational learning.