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Your support makes it possible for us to:


Enable Christian orphans to attend school and support local churches in Pakistan 


Be a bridge between churches in Latvia and support the activities of the House of Unity in Riga.


Train and equip our Christian brothers and sisters around Europe with seminars, conferences and retreats


Proclaim the Good News of our Lord Jesus and re-unite the body of Christ worldwide.

The vocation of Mission for Unity starts on Easter


Mission for Unity celebrates its birthday with Easter. It was on a Thursday night that Jesus celebrated Passover meal with his disciples and instituted the Holy Communion. It was that night that Jesus, after the Passover meal, started to pray for the Unity of his body.

We celebrate the Passover meal like the Jewish people do and connect it with the intitution of the Holy Communion.

We take time to pray with each other and hold each other's hands, or feet.

We read John 17 ''The Jesus Prayer'' and Pray for the Unity of the body of Christ.

It was Easter 2012 when Mission for Unity held their first Passover meal.


Pastor Roger Maatje. 


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A School, A Church

Sponsorship Program


How it works

A church and its members commit to sponsor a school in need for the duration of the school year (10 months)

Une église et ses membres s’engagent à parrainer une école dans le besoin sur la durée d’une année scolaire. The church members commit a monthly donation of EUR20 for 10 months, with a minimum of 20 participants.


Your contribution will cover the following expenses:

  • Food - a meal per day is served to the children and teachers.
  • School fees - teachers' pay
  • Health coverage - for children and teachers
  • Rent - Monthly rent for school building
  • Transportation – for security reasons, children need to be transported to and fro school every day


These contributions can be deducted from yoru tab=xable income. The association Mission pour l’Unité France is a non-profit organization with pubic interest (status 1901/1907).


Sponsors will receive a year-end statement of donations upon request.


Sponsors will receive regular news and pictures of the school they sponsor.


If you'd like to participate with your church, please click here.