Ecumenical & Interdenomitional Movement for the Christian Unity


Mission for Unity International

W.E.S.P House Meetings


 Worship, Eating, Soaking, Prayer.


One Sunday per month we come together to: Worship God,  Pray for each other,  Eating  together by sharing the food around the table, to Soak “marinate” in the presence of the Holy Spirit who is the VIP guest of those meetings; the purpose being to encourage us the one and the other, leaving us transformed by its presence, bringing us closer en closer to Jesus and to the love of the Father .

We have started this meetings in September 2011 in an apartment with 4 people, then 8, 12...and each time, the Holy Spirit has the freedom to minister on the way he wants to do.

The food of we shared during the W.E.S.P meetings:

each person brings something sweet and salty and 1 drink according to his or her inspiration and  possibilities.                                                                                                           The food is to be shared with all who are there before that eachof all, its not just does not only for your self.

 we continue our meeting time in fraternal communion.

“Soaking prayer is a modern way of an old Christian prayer way that called Contemplative Prayer.” 

The meetings are in a house of one of the members of Mission 4 Unity our we are invited by somone who like  to be the host of this house meeting. 

If you like to joine our W.E.S.P House Meeting fill in the form and you recieve a invitation for the next meeting.

(PS this meetings are on this moment only in France but in the near Futhure we going to organize it also in the Netherlands

and in Latvia and Estonia and Letonia.)