How to start an Eat & Pray Group.


The Principe is that we have fellowship together and pray for each country and

For the local Mission of Unity organization and for the local churches. 


It's simple  to start an Eat & Pray Group.

You invite your friends our people who you know for a theme dinner, for example an Indian meal. 

And after the time of eating  you start to pray together for the country, in this example India.

The prayer point you can find in the Echad magazine, including the receipt of the meal.

You can also take  time to sing some worship & praise songs and reading a bible scripture.


We suggest coming together ones in the Month or the ones in the 2 weeks.

The group can be small 3 -4 persons, but if the group grows till 12 or more than it's important to see if 

You have the place for eating and have fellowship together. Perhaps you to  need to ask people to

Help with cooking the meal and so on.


We're going in the near future also do eat & pray videos & organize an Eat & prayer meeting.

So please register your group.