Ecumenical & Interdenomitional Movement for the Christian Unity


Mission for Unity International

Membership Association Mission for Unity-France. 


Mission for Unity France is an association 1901/1907 object mix. That means that we are not only cultural but also a Church Organization.

We are not a church but we do have church services or prayer services or conferences that have a clear Christian character.                Members of the association are involved in the export and organization of these services.

We have various membership opportunities.  

Simple membership: Is a participation membership for those who participate in a training course or a course or an activity for several weeks or longer. a membership fee is 5 Euro per activity per person.


Support membership: Is a membership in which you clearly show your involvement with the work of the association that you regularly come to activities of the association. A support member has the right to vote at the general members' meeting. A membership fee is 15 Euro per year per person.


Active Membership: is a membership with a engagement, you do not just support the objective you want to give these goals spiritual and also practical hands and feet in your own life but also as a member. A membership fee is 25 euro per person our 35 Euro for married couples. per year

Active members can be chosen for the board of the foundation or be asked to take responsibility for a specific task. You become an active member if you make a request to the board of the association. Usually, you become a support member and only then an active member. The board or the founders can make an exception in certain cases. 


Partner Membership: is a membership where you connect with mission for unity -France, you endorse the goals of the association, you support and advise the work of Mission for Unity - France. Many of his partner members are people who work together with mission for unity with or in a project or activities that is done together with a local organization or church. Partner members have voting rights and advise the association on certain matters.  A membership fee is 150 Euro for a Church our Organization per year and 35 Euro per Person our 50 Euro per Married couple per year. 


You can also become a member of Mission 4 Unity-France if you live outside of France.                                                                              A membership is not a donation or a gift. Would you like to donate a gift or a donation with the purpose to Mission for Unity - France through the foundation Mission for Unity International?