Ecumenical & Interdenomitional Movement for the Christian Unity


Mission for Unity International

About us !


As Mission 4 Unity we are a movement for the Unity of Christians.

We are an Ecumenical and Interdenominational & International Charity Foundation based in the Netherlands and as Association in France.

Spiritual we a connected with the Charismatic renewal & Community of Taize.

We share the vision of Abbé Paul Couturier and his vision about the unity in the body of Christ, and we see his as an Apostle of the Christian unity.
Abbé Paul Couturier really believed that all Christians could unite in regular prayer and devotion, each according to their own tradition and insight, for the sanctification of the world and the unity of Christ’s people. By this idea was born of ‘the Invisible Monastery’, a spiritual community, beyond the earth’s ‘walls of separation’, where God’s vision of his Church’s unity could be realized.

We are Christians of different church background, Anglican, Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant, Orthodox etc....
We truly like to serve the body of Christ, de Church.




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