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Mission for Unity International

Mission For Unity-France.


Mission for unity France is an association recognised by the government under status 1901/1907 religious organisation. We are the local representative of Mission for Unity International. We support the ministry of Mission 4 Unity worldwide and we have our own activities.

Mission 4 Unity France is active in the regions

Mission for Unity PACA 'south-east France'

Mission for Unity Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Mission for Unity Occitanie 'south-west France' 


We have W.E.S.P Meetings ( Worship Eating Soaking Prayer) monthly House meetings.

conferences, retreats, Seminars, Training days, Praise & Worship Events.

Dutch speaking Church services

"Mission 4 Unity France Organize every summer with the Dutch Protestant Church in Agrules sur Mér Dutch speaking Church services." 

Pessah seder Meal Celebration 

Every Passover we organize the Pessah Seder Meal. The Jewish Pessah meal is what some people call the last supper meal. But its also the origin of the Holy Communion. We Celebrate this meal on the with Jewish messianic meaning and we wash each other's hand and feet and pray for each other. 

House of Unity Montauban ( new project 2018 )

House of Unity is a place where youth from different Churches can meet each other. Its a place where they can eat & meet, pray and where they can exchange culture, faith, and build Friendships. It's also a place where church leaders of different denominations can meet and pray together. it's a shelter for pilgrims who seeking a spiritual place to stay over for a couple of days. more information will follow.


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We are recognised by the government under status 1901/1907 religious organisation.  We are following the France low 1907 an object blended, what means cultural and church organisation. We have the right to organise church services in the various Christian traditions like Anglican, Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant, Pentecostal, Orthodox and more. Members of Mission for Unity -France coming from different church backgrounds and traditions. We exchange those different  Christian traditions to learn from each other.

As an association, we are Jurisdictional under the French law and independent of the Stichting/Foundation Mission for Unity but we are using the same name and we have the same vision and mission. We organise our own activities and we participate in the activities of the foundation. Board members of the association are representative in the board of the Foundation.