Paula Leitner

Missionary of Reconciliation & Restoration.

Intercessor & Worshipper

Shalom, my name is Paula Leitner. I was born in a Dutch Catholic family. I grew up in the Charismatic renewal, which was very ecumenical at the time.

Here I was able to taste of the riches of the diversity within the Body of Messiah and at the same time embrace my own tradition.

Also, Israel was ‘present’ in those meetings and I received a natural love for Israel as God's chosen people and land.

While growing up, God gave me different places where both the love for Israel and the love for the diversity in the Body of Messiah

were nurtured and had the possibility to grow. Since 2008 God has started to connect me to the Messianic Jewish part of the Body of Messiah.

At the same time He has given me a calling to work for unity of the Body of Messiah, first and foremost between Jew and Gentile,

then also between different denominations. My main calling in this is as an intercessor and worshipper.